Beginner Skills

This is where it all begins! Our programs are designed to help children of all ages and develop the ABC’s of movement – Agility, Balance, Coordination and Speed. The basic essentials for developing fundamental movement skills and physical literacy are important to a child’s growth.

Basic Skills

We take it to the next step of learned how to skate and implemented basic skills! Fun, goal-oriented program for the advanced beginners of all ages to challenge them to development into hockey players.

Advanced skills

Taking basic skills to the next level! This is a fast paced, accelerated program, focusing on improving the techniques of stick handling, passing and shooting the puck, understanding team drills and learning power skating to improve speed and agility.

After School Skating

The after school skating program provides local students the ability to learn how to skate and enjoy a great afternoon on the ice. The program’s goals are simple but important: It exposes students to the pleasure and discipline of learning a new sport, the value of being a team-player, meeting new friends and a healthy after school exercise program.