Hockey Clinics

Hockey clinics are intended to keep all of our youth on the ice leading up to tryout evaluations for each season. The goal of the hockey clinics is to fine-tune each player's skills, as well as keep them in hockey shape in order for them to make a strong impression in tryouts. Our coaches teach specific hockey skills for our youth's improvement. Skill development is very important for our youth to grow on and off the rink.

Tryouts For 2021-2022

Our Florida Fury coaches select and seek out players who perform well on the ice. We focus on off-ice and on-ice skills; creating positive team player friendships. We implement PEP training (Power Edge Pro), which utilizes Reactive Countering Training to engage multiple motor skills simultaneously and develop a player’s small area game performance. Tryouts start out with a few warm-up drills for players, edging, stick handling, and shooting. We look for leadership, positive attitudes and a strong work ethic.

The Development League

The Development League program is for our youth and parents who want to play at a recreational level to start and not incur the time and/or expense associated with traveling both inside and outside the state of Florida.

The Travel League

The objective of the traveling program is to provide an opportunity for players to participate at a level of competition that will challenge their skills and give them an opportunity to be successful.